Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker


Gregory Cowley, San Francisco, CA

  • (415) 596-4547
  • LinkedIn: gregorycowley
  • portfolio:

Senior Software/UX Engineer

  • Front-end Software Engineer
  • Seasoned UI/UX Designer
  • IoT Enthusiast
    • Languages
      • JavaScript/NodeJS
      • ActionScript/Java
      • PHP
      • Lua
      • Objective-C
      • Python
    • Frameworks
      • React/Redux
      • RxJS
      • AngularJS
      • Apache Flex
      • jQuery
    • Workflow
      • Git
      • NPM/Yarn
      • Webpack/Neutrino
      • Ant/Grunt/Gulp
    • QA
      • ESLint
      • Jest/Enzyme
      • Selenium
    • DevOps
      • Jenkins
      • Docker
      • Vagrant
      • Chef
      • AWS/CloudFront
      • MySQL/PostgreSQL
    • Methodologies
      • Agile with Jira/Slack
      • Scrum
    • Other Key Tools
      • Photoshop
      • Animation
      • SVG Illustration
      • Sketch
      • Adobe XD
  • Skilled problem-solver who understands project deadlines, crisis aversion, maximizing user experience.
  • JavaScript veteran who is fluent with the most current frameworks and paradigms going back to 1995.
  • Self-starter with a proven track record designing and developing high-end products—consistent with branding and unique functional requirements—from concept to completion.
  • Knowledge of all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Experienced UX/Interaction Design Professional with a BFA in Graphic Design.

  • Years of experience in corporate branding, brand adherence, layout, color, and typography in both print and digital media.

  • A keen eye for visual detail.
  • Adept at brainstorming, wireframes, creating multiple prototypes, and iterating through to final production.
  • Heavily versed in motion-graphics and animation.
  • Adjunct Professor, teacher, mentor and poised team player with the skills and innovative ideas needed to drive technical performance

Professional Experience


San Francisco, CA

Senior Exhibit Technician

2/2019 to Present

  • Breaking away from the office desk to create real-world interactive experiences.
  • Assisting designers with the development, fabrication, and installation of new media interactive installations.

  • Solving problems encountered during production and making changes.

  • Use of heavy machinery for building on-site outdoor electronic installations.
  • Creative coding and software development where needed.


San Francisco, CA

Adjunct Professor

2002 to Present

  • Professor of interactive technology and tools over a series of major paradigm shifts in the design and technology industry.
  • Currently a Professor of Interaction Design within the IxD Department in San Francisco.
  • Teaching tangible user interface design and implementation.
  • Teaching creative coding techniques using Java, JavaScript, and C++ for Processing and Arduino environments.
  • Teaching interactive technologies, animation, and mobile/website development.
  • Teaching undergraduates and graduates in the Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Industrial Design departments, including summer programs in San Francisco, Oakland, and Paris, France.


San Francisco, CA

Senior Software/UX Engineer

8/2018 to 2/2019

  • Brought design and engineering skills together to construct a UI for an API-only voice recognition/analytics company. Built out a team of front-end engineers, planned best practices, and created a design system.
  • Worked primarily with a React/Redux/Webpack stack along with RxJS, Neutrino, and Lerna for the mono repo.
  • Created product demos that were integrated Tableau for trade shows.
  • Designed and built out a developer portal to ease the onboarding process for new customers.


San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer

8/2017 to 8/2018

  • Worked with channel marketers, product designers, SEO analysts, and the content team to implement the next generation of marketing materials for web and mobile.
  • Worked with a custom Java-based CMS system and drove a planned migration to HippoCMS.
  • Inherited a legacy codebase that needed heavy refactoring.
  • Rendered extensive knowledge of JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, HTML, CSS/SASS, and jQuery.
  • Engineered complex, multi-page A/B and multivariate tests using Optimizely.
  • Strictly followed a workflow that included Jira, Git, Slack, and Agile processes.
  • Delivered pixel-perfect user experience and worked closely with product designers.
  • Coached and mentored junior engineers.


San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer

6/2015 to 8/2017

  • Leveraged extensive technical insight as a Project Lead, directing a team to provide software solutions for a web-based self-publishing platform.
  • Engineered improvements and maintained a legacy Flex web application. Resolved issues, significantly reduced crash rates, and laid groundwork for the transition from Apache Flex to ReactJS.
  • Added error reporting and improved analytics using Mixpanel, MicroStrategy, and SumoLogic.
  • Developed and maintained integrations for 3rd party APIs using oAuth and RESTful services.
  • Closely collaborated with the QA engineers to generate a high-end suite of automated tests using PhantomJS/CasperJS and Selenium. Worked closely with the customer support team to resolve customer issues, ensuring a remarkable user experience.
  • Utilized tools such as ReactJS, Redux, Ruby, and NodeJS within an agile-based software development environment.
  • Owned and managed the Jenkins deployment pipeline. Wrote extensive documentation. Removed dead code, updated libraries, streamlined the build process.


San Francisco, CA


2003 to 2015

  • Owner/Creative Director/Director of Technology for an Interactive brand and digital experience agency. Partnered major companies to produce high-end interactive user experiences.
  • Partners included: FuseProject | Punchcut | GilmourCraves | Elixir Design | IDEO | Intel | Adobe Systems / O’Reilly Media | Merck Pharmaceuticals | Dr Pepper | Propane Studio | Ogilvy | Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
  • Projects included work for: Visa | hp | Kaiser Permanente | Wells Fargo | Stags Leap Winery | Four Seasons Hotels
  • Partnered with a team to develop a web-based health insurance exchange platform, enabling Kaiser Permanente’s millions of users to easily access, buy, or upgrade their insurance plans.
  • Built a UI for a Java-based platform using SCSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Ruby, ERBs
  • Created responsive websites that adhered to accessibility standards and resolved cross-browser/platform inconsistencies.
  • Implemented deployment plans using Chef and Capistrano on Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3, CloudFront
  • Designed Plugins and templates for WordPress to integrate with REST APIs.
  • Played an integral role in the technical lead directing the implementation and maintenance of a wide range of CMS and E-Commerce websites.
  • Introduced version control using Git, created integration/deployment plans and spearheaded the development of coding and design standards.
  • Successfully maintained a Magento based retail site with over 8000 products, oversaw localization and translation, and did R&D on technologies such as PDF generation, SAML, Facebook Promotional Apps.
  • Interfaced with clients during production while working with a design team to implement new designs and content.
  • Facilitated a range of technical solutions, including an automated platform for online printing, interfaces for video game consoles, and a commercial stock photo library.
  • Created a high volume of websites using Drupal, WordPress, Magneto, and Joomla.
  • Leverage extensive expertise in ActionScript 3.0, JavaScript, and PHP to produce micro-sites, interactive kiosks for trade shows, and an online photo library.
  • Skillfully designed and programed native iOS applications deployed within the App Store.


San Francisco

Flash Designer/Developer

2001 to 2003

  • Designed, animated, and implemented interactive headers for and Breeze™.


San Francisco

Founder/Creative Director

1997 to 2001

  • Founded and operated a design and motion graphics firm producing visual content for trade shows, kiosks, and web.


San Francisco/Hong Kong

Designer/Production Artist

1993 to 2004

  • Designed and produced brand and corporate identities.



San Francisco, CA

Adjunct Professor

2002 to Present

  • Teach interactive technologies, animation, and mobile/website development.
  • Teach undergraduates and graduates in the Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Industrial Design departments, including summer programs in San Francisco, Oakland, and Paris, France.


University of the Pacific

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design, 1992

Stockton, CA

University of Central Lancashire

Graphic Design Course, 1990-1991

Preston, England