Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker

About Greg


I'm a seasoned creative and technical professional working out of San Francisco, CA. I have held many different roles throughout my career, but all with a common theme: creating visual experiences, tools and interfaces for clients.

Gregory Cowley, b. 1970

With over 25 years of professional interactive design and development experience, I offer a strong understanding of and intuitive sense for user interface design. I combine problem-solving with creativity and communication, and I have a keen sense of attention to detail. I have studied the business from many different angles and learned about the many different sides of an industry that connects customers with products.

In the past, I have worked with Adobe, Apple, Intel, IDEO, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. I have photographed executives at Facebook, Visa, Schwab, and Yahoo. Additionally, my work has been featured everywhere from Wired Magazine to The Scientist, Discover Magazine, and USAToday.

Put simply, I'm an enterprise-level software engineer with a broad range of practical skills that cover all aspects of design and development and with an extensive knowledge of leading computer-based technologies. But I'm also...

  • A photographer who specializes in editorial, corporate and commercial clients.

  • A graphic designer who has worked on projects for worldwide brands.

  • An adjunct professor who teaches design and development at the graduate level.

  • An electronic media artist whose work has been shown internationally.

My superpower is that I combine a broad range of knowledge with an intense work ethic. I started out as a print designer and moved through various interactive technologies to become the developer that I am today. With a healthy dose of craft and a whole lot of experience, I can safely say that I will get any job done right.

Let's build incredible things together. Let's tell stories and create experiences. Let's see what what we're capable of. Call me, email me, message me. I'm eager to talk with you.