Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker

Intel Mobile Platform Group - Zephyros

Directed and produced a fully non-linear interactive presentation for a prototype product created through a partnership between IDEO and Intel.

Fully produced in-house by Gregory Cowley Studios, the Zephyros presentation was a project initiated by the Intel mobile platforms group. It involved prototype products produced in collaboration with IDEO.

The prototypes were portable electronics foreshadowing the coming of the iPhone and the iPad. Items that we now take for granted as universal mobile technology. The Zephyros project included an interactive presentation that showed the use of hypothetical products in context. Vignettes of different countries around the world were simulated. The presentation took the audience from Beijing to Seoul, to San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Munich, and New Delhi.

The presentation starred a range of users from business professionals to students, backpackers, travelers, and ordinary people. Zephyros was meant to show how these products can be integrated into everyday life and to show how the products could enhance work and life experiences.