Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker

The TEST:Project

A conceptual and experiential new media arts project using projection for live performances and installations.

As a founder of the TEST:Project, I created live, computer-controlled sight, sound, and spatial experiences. These involved immersive multi-screen projections that surrounded the audience.

The primary driving medium was standard 2x2 slides. I used slide projectors instead of video projectors to create a mechanical zoetrope that would play short sequences of animation with quarter-second intervals. The animations were shot using a 35-millimeter camera with a motor wind. Slides were loaded into the slide projector in the same order and played in looping fashion. It was a computer-controlled system, which allowed me to manipulate the projectors, up to 32 at a time, through a digital control panel. I would use up to 10 screens for a single performance. Video projection would also be a component.

The purpose of the test project was to explore how memories are recalled in a fabricated or fractured fashion. Rarely do we remember things as a continuous stream of events. It's usually small moments. Moments filled with feeling. Moments filled with fluttering details.

I was also exploring the possibility of implanted memories. By using iconic, generic, and agnostic imagery that would relate to broad experiences, I aimed to trigger memories in the viewer.