Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker

MPPS: The Mobile Phone Photo Show

The first gallery exhibit of its kind showing the work of over 400 participants from around the world. Coinciding with the release of camera phones, MPPS allowed participants to send images into the gallery in real-time during a defined time period. The result was a meta-snapshot of the world from the hands of people in each region.

The Mobile Phone Photo Show was the first cell phone photography show. The emergence of the mobile phone camera also opened up a new means of self-expression.

The conceptual gallery exhibit acted as an inversion of the traditional gallery show. Artists We're spread out all over the world, with more than 400 contributors and their mobile phones submitting work into the gallery where it would be printed out and stuck on the walls. This outward in approach created a meta-snapshot of the world at that point in time. The event took place in San Francisco, but the images were submitted from as far away as Siberia, South Africa, India, Argentina, Australia, and Japan.