Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker

Exploratorium Exhibit Creation

Fabrication, and some design, for an outdoor installation project installed in Civic Center, San Francisco. The exhibit encouraged social interaction using tangible interfaces controlled by hidden computer technology.

Exhibit fabrication, prototyping, and software development.

I've been working with the Exploratorium as a Senior Exhibit Technician since 2019. While there I've been able to learn a tremendous amount about fabricating exhibits, working with CNC mills, laser cutting, machineing, carpentry, electronics, and codeing. I have been able to make a move from screen-base media experiences to physical computing.

Among the projects I've work on, Middle Ground stands out as one of the most interesting public exhibts.

Middle Ground, an Exploratorium external site project, was a series of towers that encouraged people to interact with activities and each other. Middleground itself is a rehabilitation and recovery program. The installation acted as a happy place to further encourage this recovery and introduce people to the work Middleground does. The structure was installed in Civic Center, near City Hall in front of the San Francisco Public Library.