Gregory Cowley

Interdisciplinary Maker


Software and Front-end Engineer

As a software engineer, I am a self-taught expert in object-oriented and functional programming using JavaScript. I also have extensive experience in Python, PHP, and C based languages.

Developer Portal and Player

Worked as a software engineer with a team to create two products for a voice recognition startup.

Rocket Lawyer Online Product

Developer for marketing material primarily using Optimizely to manage A/B testing and user response. Printing On-Demand

A Fully Automated Online Printing Service.

Blurb Bookify

Online Book Design Web Application.

Relaunch of the new Honda NSX Supercar

Honda launched the released its new supercar. I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop the presentation layer that was added to the existing Honda website backend.

Nike Skateboarding Website

A prestige project for Nike skateboarding shoes, this project was the creation of a dynamic shoe browser that used animation to entertain and wow.

Content Mangement Systems

Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, and Joomla Sites Built and Maintained for Various Clients.

Disney Vitrual Magic Kingdom

Flash-based games and activities to assist children in planning their trip to Disneyland.

UI Development for Ouya Game Console

Prototyping of the animation and user interaction for the Ouya Game Console.