Vadim and Manuel

Seeing the bay in a new way

A few weeks back my friend Manuel Domecq agreed to take us out sailing on the bay. As part of my new project to stage photos of people in their environments I invited Vadim to play the role of the boats skipper. This was my first chance to get to know Vadim since he responded to my Craiglist ad looking for models. He was great! Vadim even went as far as to shave his beard in the most “sea captain” appropriate way.

It was a great day, the first time I ever sailed the bay. An experience that I won’t soon forget. I think this was pretty much a normal weekend for Manuel (who owns the boat), but for the rest of us it was amazing. There were some comments about missing out on the experience because of spending too much time looking through the lens… but to that I say… it was to desire to make these pictures that inspired the event.

Taking the photo is only the result of a long series of deliberate actions. But enough analysis… enjoy!


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