Aerial Photography Over San Francisco


A little night flying journey and perfect natural light…

Recently Gabe Somma of FlyBayArea and I took off from the San Carlos airport to capture images of Bay Area landmarks from the air. I wanted to see if I could capture city scenes at twilight… right at that moment when all the buildings begin to light up and there is still light in the sky. Continue reading →

Overland Equipment Shoot, Chico, CA

San Francisco Photographer

In the Summer of 2009 I loaded up in the car with art director Sue Redding and my assistant Debra Zeller. We began the 5 hour drive through from San Francisco to Chico to scout locations for the next day’s shoot. Continue reading →

Photo Shoot With Michael Chiarello

One of the setups with celebrity chef Michael Chiarello

I was commissioned by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine this last spring to drive up to Napa Valley and photograph celebrity chef Michael Chiarello in his home. Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photography for Adobe Photoshop Elements
Why is this picture here? Continue reading →

The Three-Minute Picture Show 2010

Interior of the Victoria Theatre
This past spring and summer I spent most of my spare time volunteering for the Three- Minute Picture Show, a film festival that encourages anyone, regardless of experience, to dedicate 30 days to creativity. Continue reading →

Five Poses

Body Builder in the studio.

Five Poses, originally uploaded by gregorycowley.

I’ve neglected this blog for about 8 months now and I’m anxious to get some new posts up. These images of Chris displaying competitive body building poses was taken in my studio earlier this year. Enjoy and I’ll have a post of a recent trip to Guatemala up this week.

New Portfolio Edit

Atzko raising her arms for joy on a rooftop in San Francisco.

For some reason I become obsessed with creating a new portfolio in the summer time. Maybe the long days call for activity, or maybe I can only stand looking at my old work for so long. Continue reading →