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Editorial photography of events in San Franicisco

Some times just taking action pays off. On this particular Friday I knew that the Space Shuttle Endeavor was going to be making a fly over of San Francisco. Through some research I was sure that the path was going to be over the bay, which is a good distance from my house. The thought of fighting crowds along the bay at 7am just didn’t sound appealing, so I decided to hike up Bernal Heights and at least catch a glimpse from miles away. Little did I know that Bernal would end up in the flight path.

The Three-Minute Picture Show 2010

Interior of the Victoria Theatre
This past spring and summer I spent most of my spare time volunteering for the Three- Minute Picture Show, a film festival that encourages anyone, regardless of experience, to dedicate 30 days to creativity. Continue reading →

“Go East Young Man”

Photographers gathering around a shoot at 2007 Photoexpo Plus event.

I usually make it out of the country at least a couple of times a year. This year been so consumed with building up the studio that I haven’t taken any significant trips. I did get out of town for the last week however. It was a welcome relief and a very productive journey. Continue reading →

APA National Photo Competition

Danielle 2

The APA (Advertising Photgraphers of America) have regular photo competitions and the current one is their 25th annual event. You can find it at: APA @ 25 NATIONAL PHOTO COMPETITION, SILVER TO PIXEL Continue reading →

New Portfolio Edit

Atzko raising her arms for joy on a rooftop in San Francisco.

For some reason I become obsessed with creating a new portfolio in the summer time. Maybe the long days call for activity, or maybe I can only stand looking at my old work for so long. Continue reading →