The Sak Summer Catalog

Catalog Fashion Photography for The Sak

The shoot took place in the cold winter days of 2005. Ironically this was for the 2006 Summer catalog for the The Sak. I worked with Art Director Randy Yau and designer Sandi Micone on this shoot which took place over 5 days. Continue reading →

The Sak Spring Catalog

Catalog photography for The Sak

This is a project from the archives. The original shoot took place in 2005 and this was for the 2006 spring catalog for the The Sak. At the time The Sak was based here in the Mission in San Francisco. Continue reading →

Casting Kids for Adobe

Casting of kids for an Adobe shoot

Some of the outtakes from the March 2008 casting call for Adobe. Continue reading →

San Francisco Photo Shoot with Overland Equipment

San Francisco Photographer Gregory Cowley

Here is a continuation of my work in the outdoor industry for Overland Equipment. Continue reading →

Photo Shoot With Michael Chiarello

One of the setups with celebrity chef Michael Chiarello

I was commissioned by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine this last spring to drive up to Napa Valley and photograph celebrity chef Michael Chiarello in his home. Continue reading →

The Three-Minute Picture Show 2010

Interior of the Victoria Theatre
This past spring and summer I spent most of my spare time volunteering for the Three- Minute Picture Show, a film festival that encourages anyone, regardless of experience, to dedicate 30 days to creativity. Continue reading →

The Ameci Twin’s

Ameci Twins

Adding texure effects to images

Jane with her violin on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’ve been following the work of Nate Kaiser for a little while now. His texture effects for images take on a very illustrated and antiqued look. Continue reading →

The great outdoors…

Portrait of Ninno with his bike on the cliffs by the ocean.

One of the best aspects of living in San Francisco is the quality of life here. I headed out with Ninno to cover just a few of the activities to be found in the bay area. We decided to focus on Mountain Biking for round one. Continue reading →

Horsing around at the beach

These are a continuation of my work with Danielle. She appears in earlier posts with the horse on the beach.

Nostalgia for a Retro Future

Polly at a cafe in the Mission.

I lived in San Francisco’s Mission district for 10 years. I finally “escaped” a few years back and have had the opportunity to get to go a number of other neighbors hoods in the city. Continue reading →

Seeing the bay in a new way

Vadim and Manuel

A few weeks back my friend Manuel Domecq agreed to take us out sailing on the bay. As part of my new project to stage photos of people in their environments I invited Vadim to play the role of the boats skipper. This was my first chance to get to know Vadim since he responded to my Craiglist ad looking for models. Continue reading →