3 years with Super Lawyers


It’s been three years since Thomson Reuters first contacted me to shoot for Super Lawyers magazine. Since then I’ve covered almost 20 features and shot six covers.

This work has given me some insight into a complicated and varied industry. I’ve worked with attorney’s that head a small office of less and 5 people, to mega-law-firms with hundreds of employes and massive silicon valley campuses. Continue reading →

Editorial Photography

What is Editorial Photography?

Editorial Photography is a specialized branch of commercial photography which supports journalism. The photographer’s job is to illustrate and highlight the significance of a story.
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Aerial Photography Over San Francisco


A little night flying journey and perfect natural light…

Recently Gabe Somma of FlyBayArea and I took off from the San Carlos airport to capture images of Bay Area landmarks from the air. I wanted to see if I could capture city scenes at twilight… right at that moment when all the buildings begin to light up and there is still light in the sky. Continue reading →

Carrie Dwyer of Charles Schwab

Carrie Dwyer of Charles Schwab for SuperLawyers Magazine

In my ongoing relationship with Thomson Reuters, I’ve been shooting an incredible number of lawyers. Fortunately, I’m not likely to run out of subjects in that industry! For this assignment for SuperLawyers Magazine’s business edition I photographed Carrie Dwyer, the General Counsel of Charles Schwab. Continue reading →

Gemma d’Cowley c.1660

Gemma as pictured by Rembrandt

Portraiture was once the domain of the wealthy and the privileged. It was a rare opportunity to have your portrait painted if you were of a lower class. Today, photography has more or less brought portraiture to the masses, however the feelings that a portrait evokes remain powerful. Continue reading →

San Francisco Magazine Clicks!

Editorial photography of events in San Franicisco

Some times just taking action pays off. On this particular Friday I knew that the Space Shuttle Endeavor was going to be making a fly over of San Francisco. Through some research I was sure that the path was going to be over the bay, which is a good distance from my house. The thought of fighting crowds along the bay at 7am just didn’t sound appealing, so I decided to hike up Bernal Heights and at least catch a glimpse from miles away. Little did I know that Bernal would end up in the flight path.

Artist Portrait – Jemima Brown

Jemima Brown in her London Studio

While in London recently I had the pleasure of paying a visit to the studio of artist Jemima Brown, the recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture award for 2011. Continue reading →

Sirna Therapeutics Lab Shoot


San Francisco’s Mission Bay medical has been sprouting up buildings near my studio for several years now. One of the new occupants of the complex is Sirna Therapeutics, which is a RNA research arm of Merck & Co. Continue reading →

Photo Shoot With Michael Chiarello

One of the setups with celebrity chef Michael Chiarello

I was commissioned by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine this last spring to drive up to Napa Valley and photograph celebrity chef Michael Chiarello in his home. Continue reading →

The Three-Minute Picture Show 2010

Interior of the Victoria Theatre
This past spring and summer I spent most of my spare time volunteering for the Three- Minute Picture Show, a film festival that encourages anyone, regardless of experience, to dedicate 30 days to creativity. Continue reading →

A moment of Zen

Cowley Studios Las Vegas moment

Those Google kids


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Bride for a day

This is the first stop on our "trash the dress" shoot. We stopped off at a small lake in Golden Gate Park were a small marble column structure was erected. This is us returning to the ca after the shoot.These are all installments in my wedding portrait series. I'm swimming in dangerous waters her because I am not a wedding photographer, but I do love portraiture. Whether a bride or a matador I love a great subject and a beautiful environment.

Once in awhile I’m a second shooter for Debra, and I love it that way. Continue reading →

Adding texure effects to images

Jane with her violin on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’ve been following the work of Nate Kaiser for a little while now. His texture effects for images take on a very illustrated and antiqued look. Continue reading →

The great outdoors…

Portrait of Ninno with his bike on the cliffs by the ocean.

One of the best aspects of living in San Francisco is the quality of life here. I headed out with Ninno to cover just a few of the activities to be found in the bay area. We decided to focus on Mountain Biking for round one. Continue reading →

Horsing around at the beach

These are a continuation of my work with Danielle. She appears in earlier posts with the horse on the beach.

APA National Photo Competition

Danielle 2

The APA (Advertising Photgraphers of America) have regular photo competitions and the current one is their 25th annual event. You can find it at: APA @ 25 NATIONAL PHOTO COMPETITION, SILVER TO PIXEL Continue reading →

Nostalgia for a Retro Future

Polly at a cafe in the Mission.

I lived in San Francisco’s Mission district for 10 years. I finally “escaped” a few years back and have had the opportunity to get to go a number of other neighbors hoods in the city. Continue reading →

Seeing the bay in a new way

Vadim and Manuel

A few weeks back my friend Manuel Domecq agreed to take us out sailing on the bay. As part of my new project to stage photos of people in their environments I invited Vadim to play the role of the boats skipper. This was my first chance to get to know Vadim since he responded to my Craiglist ad looking for models. Continue reading →

New Portfolio Edit

Atzko raising her arms for joy on a rooftop in San Francisco.

For some reason I become obsessed with creating a new portfolio in the summer time. Maybe the long days call for activity, or maybe I can only stand looking at my old work for so long. Continue reading →