The Sak Summer Catalog

Catalog Fashion Photography for The Sak

The shoot took place in the cold winter days of 2005. Ironically this was for the 2006 Summer catalog for the The Sak. I worked with Art Director Randy Yau and designer Sandi Micone on this shoot which took place over 5 days. Continue reading →

The Sak Spring Catalog

Catalog photography for The Sak

This is a project from the archives. The original shoot took place in 2005 and this was for the 2006 spring catalog for the The Sak. At the time The Sak was based here in the Mission in San Francisco. Continue reading →

Casting Kids for Adobe

Casting of kids for an Adobe shoot

Some of the outtakes from the March 2008 casting call for Adobe. Continue reading →

Adobe Packaging 2009

Packaging for Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premier Elements

In the early part of 2009 I had a full crew in my studio to help me photograph some kids. These images were  the foundation for the photo illustrations on Adobe’s line of consumer software. Continue reading →

Adobe Packaging 2008

In early 2008 I worked with Randy Yau of Tolleson Design to create a series of images for Adobe. Continue reading →

San Francisco Photo Shoot with Overland Equipment

San Francisco Photographer Gregory Cowley

Here is a continuation of my work in the outdoor industry for Overland Equipment. Continue reading →

Sirna Therapeutics Lab Shoot


San Francisco’s Mission Bay medical has been sprouting up buildings near my studio for several years now. One of the new occupants of the complex is Sirna Therapeutics, which is a RNA research arm of Merck & Co. Continue reading →

APA National Photo Competition

Danielle 2

The APA (Advertising Photgraphers of America) have regular photo competitions and the current one is their 25th annual event. You can find it at: APA @ 25 NATIONAL PHOTO COMPETITION, SILVER TO PIXEL Continue reading →