3 years with Super Lawyers

It’s been three years since Thomson Reuters first contacted me to shoot for Super Lawyers magazine. Since then I’ve covered almost 20 features and shot six covers.

This work has given me some insight into a complicated and varied industry. I’ve worked with attorney’s that head a small office of less and 5 people, to mega-law-firms with hundreds of employes and massive silicon valley campuses.

As a freelance photographer I have the unique opportunity to capture personalities from a wide range of backgrounds. I often feel like Robert De Neros charter from the movie Brazil, portraying a heating engineer who “… came into this game for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out…”. With photography I’m able to meet some amazing personalities and get some insights on things that I’d never thought of before.

Lawyers too are a very mixed bag. There are so many stereotypes and admittedly some I’ve met do live up to those depictions. But in general I’ve met a lot of unique people.

Here’s looking forward to the 2014 lawyer shooting season;)

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I am a photographer based in San Francisco, California specializing in portrait, editorial, corporate and commercial projects.